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Examples of Simple Machines


Warming up with simple machines: Below are the examples of simple machines. Try to supply either samples or photographs of these simple machines for the students.

 Type of Simple Machines  Type of work done or made easier by the simple machine  Examples of simple machines
 Wedge  Helps to cut or split things  scissors blades, ax, hoe
 Levers  Helps move things with less force  shovel, seesaw, baseball bat, pulling end of a hammer
Wheels and Gears  Used to move things more easily from one place to another  wagon wheel, bike wheel, car wheel, wheel barrel wheel
 Screw  Holds things together; used for lifting screw, neck of a light bulb, corkscrew
Inclined Plane  Used to move things from a low place to a high place or vice versa  ramp, step, ladder
 Pulleys  Used to lift loads more easily rig on flagpole, sailing mast, elevator


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